Questionable Science
Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator

Myers-Briggs phyco-babble test - Daily horoscopes are more useful

The main problem is that the people who suggest taking this test only present positive ideas, once again, there is no negative information

This is no more science than feeling the bumps on a person's head

These test

I should suggest many alternate tests

One of the questions should be - Do tests like this have any value?

Results need shades of gray

Several studies have shown that when retested, even after intervals as short as five weeks, as many as 50 percent will be classified into a different type.

There are only 3 types

Managers are good at combining "doing" and "bs". Many people do one at home and another at work. If you can't bs, then you can not rise to the level of manager. Then there are the Just ask people to rate themselves instead of asking some nonsense questions, like

I can't even discuss the actual details because this fraud is copyrighted and the name is trademarked. However, I will discuss it generally because it is such a bogus bunch of nonsense. (even though there are 40 years of research to support it - but where is the link to that ... oh, I understand, we're just supposed to trust them)

We are forbidden - by law - from asking religious type questions eventhough those may be the best indicators of all ... or not. We are not allowed to know ... it is forbidden.

But this test, which we are not allowed to actually discuss because it is copyrighted, is used to hire and promote because the human resources department (ie, paper pushers that produce no product) think it is a good idea.

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